How to Buy Investment Properties in Chattanooga - Chattanooga Property Consulting

Finding Investment Properties

Driving For Dollars

Buying Investment Properties - Chattanooga Property Consulting

The easiest way to find investment properties in your local area (Chattanooga for us) is to drive and see what is available. Starting with streets adjacent to where you already live or work can integrate a system without causing too much trouble. We’ve provided more information about Driving for Dollars in this article:

On your way to the store, work, or wherever else, keep your eyes open.

Tracking Leads

Once you’ve found a property, now you just have to keep up with it. Write it down, send yourself a text or an email. If you’re a real professional, you can even use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) such as SugarCRM.

Vetting Investment Properties

Closing Investment Properties


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